3 major symptoms of early cervical cancer

Cervical cancer are common early symptoms of the following three circumstances:

1, contact bleeding.

This is the most prominent symptoms of cervical cancer, cervical cancer, about 70% to 80% of patients have vaginal bleeding. The performance of sexual intercourse for many lines or gynecological examination, or hard stool, vaginal secretions mixed with blood. Older women who have any bleeding after sexual intercourse, do not think that is due to the forced sexual misconduct arising from the neglect of the possible existence of cervical cancer. If every time after bleeding, they should pay attention to timely medical treatment.

2, irregular vaginal bleeding.

Old women in menopause have been for many years and suddenly without any reason, and also β€œthe Lai Chao.” Small amount of bleeding often, but not accompanied by abdominal pain, low back pain and other symptoms, easily ignored. In fact, this kind of irregular vaginal bleeding is often the early signs of cervical cancer, many elderly patients with symptoms from this visit is to get early diagnosis and timely treatment. Therefore, attention should be on high alert for the elderly.

3, increased vaginal discharge.

Clinically, about 75% to 85% of cervical cancer in patients with varying degrees of increase in vaginal secretions. Most of the performance for the leucorrhea increase was accompanied by more than the smell and color. Leucorrhea increase was due to cancer caused by stimulation, the normal color at first taste, and later because of cancer tissue necrosis, with infection, will be from the vagina out with the bad smell purulent, bloody or rice-like leucorrhea.